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Cardiology – the shift to outpatient ambulatory care


In cardiology, most examinations and treatments take place at the hospital. This includes coronary angiography, coronary angioplasty, and mostly interventional cardiology procedures. These hospitalizations are performed more and more often in the ambulatory outpatient setting.


What is Ambulatory care?

When medical procedures and tests are performed outpatient or with a hospital stay of a few hours only, then they are called Ambulatory.

Cardiology is no exception, and this short and efficient medical practice applies to more and more interventions and medical check-ups.


Advantages of an ambulatory setting

Being treated as outpatient means staying less time in the hospital structure, which reduces the stress of treatment or intervention. Moreover, the resumption of personal and professional activities is much faster.

 It is also well established that ambulatory medicine reduces dramatically the risk of complications and nosocomial infections, contracted in hospitals.

Finally for the medical staff, it implies better care for patients especially those who require a longer hospitalization, with more beds available.


Is ambulatory care for YOU?

The decision varies by patient and should be made by your doctor. Cardiology Tonkin performs the following procedures and treatments in an outpatient setting: CORONARY ANGIOGRAPHY, CORONARY ANGIOPLASTY, TRANS-ESOPHAGEAL ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY (TEE), all hemodynamic assessments and those including several examinations (e.g. CORONARY ANGIOGRAPHY with ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY, CT scanner, arterial Doppler …)

To demonstrate the feasibility of ambulatory treatments even for complex and cumbersome situations, the Cardiology Tonkin team has already performed two ambulatory outpatient TAVI procedures in patients over 80 years of age.


Ambulatory, any constraints?

An ambulatory procedure has to be prepared carefully! Very often, you will need to perform few blood tests and specific preparations (e.g. antiseptic shower and hair removal before a CORONARY ANGIOGRAPHY).

After you leave, you are still under surveillance. Simple instructions will be given to you. If necessary, Cardiology Tonkin provides a 24/7 cardiac emergency and intensive care services at the Tonkin private hospital.

In the near future, telemedicine and telemonitoring tools will be available.


Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will answer all your questions, because we care.